How Do You Call Her Mother?

The Queen Mother: Beautiful and Pure by Jodi Awbrey, this Friday’s guest spiritual safari guide. Join us on a virtual pilgrimage as we discover the precious gift, promised and bestowed upon each of us and the entire human race.


The Queen Mother: Beautiful and Pure.

How do you call her Mother, Mom, Ma’am, Ma? We all have our own ways of affectionately calling out to our mothers. Whatever yours may be, it is your own way of giving her that distinct title that says, “you are special to me and I love you.” Being from the south, we called our mother “Mamma”.

I was fourteen when she lost her battle with breast cancer. I have lived most of my life without her physically present here with me on earth. And since I was so young when she passed, I often think about who she was and who she might be today. With every new season of life that I enter or milestone I reach, I feel that I get to know her more deeply because of my own new insights gained into this earthly journey. When I became a mother, I was flooded with memories and a fresh perspective on things she had said or done. I find peace and joy in being able to connect to her in this way.

This past Mother’s Day, I gathered with my brothers that live nearby for a dinner in her honor. It was a wonderful evening and we really enjoyed being together. On the way home I continued reflecting happily on memories of our family and thoughts about all that our mother had done for us in her life. Anyone that knew her would tell you she was beautiful and funny, but we were the only human beings blessed enough to be on the receiving end of her motherly love. She gave her all to us. Everything. She loved us so much, she sacrificed her wants so that we would not need for anything.


My Mother, she gave her all to us. Everything.

About one month later during my morning prayer meditation, I was abruptly lead to a question in my mind. I have this knowledge of who my earthly mother was, but what about my heavenly mother? Do I really know who she is? Sadly, my answer was “No, I don’t”. So my prayer quickly changed into a simple request of the Holy Spirit. I asked Him to tell me who my heavenly mother is. And this is what He whispered into my heart.

My Mother

My mother is a handmaid, She is a faithful servant, obedient to her master;

My mother is beautiful and pure, She is not tarnished by the brokenness that surrounds her;

My mother is filled with grace, She has been blessed and showers her motherly love upon me;

My mother brings the light of Love and Mercy to me, She gave up everything so I could be called daughter;

My mother freely accepted the sword that pierced her heart, She suffered great pain so that I would be saved from death;

My mother desires only good things for me, She leads me to the heart of Love so I can know what it means to be cherished;

My mother teaches me to pray, She shows me the path to righteousness and joy;

My mother is the Queen Mother, She intercedes on my behalf and draws me into relationship with the King of Kings;

My mother is Mary, the new Ark of the Covenant, and her Son is Jesus, My Lord.


She suffered great pain so that I may be saved from death.

Jesus, hanging in agony and excruciating pain on the cross, uttered these words to John, “Behold, your mother”. Scripture goes on to tell us “from that hour the disciple took her into his home,” (John 19:27). On that plain and regular morning, from a place deep within prayer, Jesus told me who my heavenly mother is and asked me to take her into my home. My home is my heart, and there is where I will continue to grow in love and appreciation for all that she has done, is doing and will do for all of us……..She gave her all to us. Everything. She loved us so much, she sacrificed her wants so that we would not need for anything.


My Mother: she gave her all to us. Everything.

Jodi Awbrey is a Catholic wife and mother residing in Mandeville, LA. After 20 plus years working in the Information Technology field, she felt called in 2014 to leave her post in the business world to focus on living out her vocation with her family and actively participate in the New Evangelization.  She is passionate about spreading the Gospel message through facilitation of Bible studies in her Parish.

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Closing Prayer. 

Mary, Our Mother, I come to you with my needs and beg you to help me.

I honor you as my Mother and helper and trust in your love for me.

Lead me on the path of virtue, and preserve me from every evil.

Let me enjoy your protection and walk in your love and peace.

Guide me closer to Jesus, Who gave you to me to be my Mother.


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